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Endorsements &

GOP Leaders

Former U.S. Congressman Lamar Smith

State Senator Donna Campbell, District 25

Representative Richard Hayes, District 57

Jan Duncan, SREC Senate District 14

Mike Monreal, SREC Senate District 21
Kara Chasteen, Burnet County GOP Chair

Brian Bowden, Gregg County GOP Chair
Paul Price, Newton County GOP Chair

Carl Byers, Upshur County GOP Chair

Richard Chapman, Kendall County Commissioner, Precinct 3

Tom Washington, Former Treasurer Republican Party of Texas
Rebecca Bradford, Former President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Glynis Chester, Former President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Carolyn Hodges, Former President, Texas Federation of Republican Women

Theresa Kosmoski, Former President, Texas Federation of Republican Women
Mona Bailey, Vice Chair of Fundraising Tarrant County GOP

Hon. Patricia Harless, former Texas State Representative
Melinda Fredricks, Former Vice Chair, Republican Party of Texas

Rhonda Anderson, Former SREC Senate District 1

Todd Gallaher, Former SREC Senate District 3

Judy Parada, Former SREC Senate District 3
Michael McCloskey, Former SREC Senate District 5

Nita Davidson, Former SREC Senate District 5

Edee Sinclair, Former SREC Senate District 18

Cindy Brockwell, Former SREC Senate District 25
Linda Kinney, Former SREC Senate District 25

Marian Stanko, Former SREC Senate District 26

Sharon Batterson, Former SREC Senate District 27

Myra Sue Schulze, Former Goliad County GOP Chair
Russell Hayter, Former Hayes County GOP Chair

John Elliott, Former Kerr County GOP Chair
Michael Bergsma, Former Nueces County GOP Chair

Cynthia Ridgeway, Former Upshur County GOP Chair

William McWhorter, Precinct Chair 2

Dave Bennett, Precinct Chair 0765

Vandolyn L Roszell, Precinct Chair 3392

Mike White, Precinct Chair 1026

Carol Coy, Precinct Chair 3509

Robert L. (Bob) Green, Travis County Republican Party Election Integrity Chair

Jeanette Guttormson, Past President of Kingwood/Humble Republican Women's Club


Ron Agnew

Rosa Arellano

Cheree Barrett
James Basham
Earl Batterson

Robert Bernardini

Ken Blundell

Hunter Bonner

Kathleen Brinkman

Rubye G Brown

Debbie Burden

Kay Butchko
Barbara Buxton
Margaret Carter

Elaine Cashion

Gene & Anna Chapman

Joe Cheben

Cathy Cody

Kris Coons

Christin Cormier

Cheri Creekmoore

Halene Crossman

Lizeth Cuellar Olivarez

Lisa Dennis

Sue De Villez

Cindy Drabek

Jill Dutton

James Ellis
Justin Farrell

Sherry Fauth

James Fish

Diane Flack

Len Foster
Belinda Frisk

Sharon Edwards

Janice Estill

Brenda Gammon

Diana Gee

Catherine Gibb
Trey Hagy
Donna Hallonquist

Barbara Hauser

Trudy Hayter
Mary Heffernan

Ferrando R Heyward

Mary Himlin

Pamela Hodges

Anh Hoang

Arthur Humphries, Commander. USN, Ret.

Charles Humphries

Theresa Johns

Patti Johnson

Kathleen Jordan

Scott & Diane Kramer

Caroline Kreitler

Jennifer Lambert

Rhonda Lacy

Wes & Jo Ann Lowe
Ceci Matthews

Jynelle Mikula

Patricia Miles-Muniz

Karen Murphy

Ginger Moore
Texas Moore

Fred Moses

Wayner Ozio

Todd Olsen
Donna Paker

Vicki Palatas

Judy and Charlie Parada

Rena Peden

Donna Philyaw

Dani Post
Rick Potter

Helen Quiram

Shirley Raven

Harry Reese

Olga Rivera Lasher

Beverly Roberts
Juandale Roberts

Loretta Roberts

Rhonda Rogers
Charles Rose

Sylvia Rosenberger

Roxanne Russell

Walter Russell

Tim Schwakl
Nancy J Scott

Meg Seff

Linda H. Sewell

Rose Smith

Teresa Spears

Janet Stanovich

SJ Swanson

Paul Swilley

Burt Thakur

Mopsie Thornborrow

Toni Trevino

David Vrshek
Charles Waldie Jr.

Cynthia Ware

Montie Teague Watkins

Laurie Wiginton
Susan Willoughby

Michael Wheeler

Barbara Woodroof



"I wholeheartedly endorse Toni Anne Dashiell's re-election as National Committeewoman of TX! She has a keen understanding of political strategy, and has proven herself to be a woman of impeccable integrity. Toni Anne is often the lone voice for unity in a culture of divisiveness, but she never backs down. She has my full support, and I hope you will give her yours as well."

-Glynis Chester, former TFRW President

"Toni Anne has done an outstanding job as our National Committeewoman.  She has stayed in touch, kept us informed, and has represented us well.  I am happy to endorse her for another term."

-Mona Bailey, Vice Chair of Fundraising Tarrant County GOP

"I participate in the Friday Zoom calls and find them to be very helpful as I work to keep Texas in the hands of conservatives. Her energy and her dedication to the Republican principles make her an excellent choice for this leadership position."

-Beverly Roberts

"Met Toni Anne at a joint Republican Women's Club meeting in Kaufman with the Van Zandt club. She has the values I support and believe in."

-Debbie Burden

"Toni Anne Dashiell is exactly who Texas needs representing our state at the RNC.  As a Reagan Republican, I appreciate how she approaches politics, especially within our own party, by subscribing to Reagan's "80/20 Rule".  This is exemplified in her actions.  I fully support Toni Anne Dashiell for RNC National Committeewoman."

-Hunter Bonner

"Toni Anne has been a loyal soldier for good government  making a huge difference in Texas history. A real keeper!"

-Gene and Anna Chapman

"Toni Anne is a force of nature. She is proactive, pragmatic, highly organized, and inspiring to everyone who meets her. She is a strategic thinker, something badly needed by our Party, and keeps her eye on the future and what is coming next. She is a true leader and her vision and practical approach will be instrumental to the Party’s success in protecting our freedom."

-Kathleen Brickman

"Toni Anne is a natural born, gifted leader!  Her commitment to serve our State and Nation is exemplary!  Tireless and thorough in every project or endeavor, Toni Anne is invaluable!  I am proud to call her friend."

-Halene Crossman

"Toni Anne is an outstanding leader, speaker and educator and a great asset to the State of Texas.  I am proud to endorse for this position and look forward to working with her."

-Margaret Carter

"Toni Anne, you have my endorsement for RNC and I thank you for your Friday Call to Action teleconferences and TAD Talks. Please do all you can to pull all Republicans together for a unified 2024 campaign effort."

-Len Foster

"You are what we need in that position! You are great and I am behind you all the way!!"

-Dani Post

"You have been a powerful force in standing up for, informing on the issues and help keeping our Republican legislators informed of what the constituents what done."

-Wayne Ozio

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