Listen. Learn. Lead.

These three words are some of the most important hurdles we are facing as a Party as we move into 2016. As the RNC National Committeewoman for Texas, my vision for 2016 will change the way we address these three hurdles, while ultimately strengthening the foundations of our Party.

Listen. As a Party, we need to listen to each other in order to be successful. It is safe to say that a Political Party is not at its strongest when it is weakened by factions. By making an effort to listen to others, we can come together to promote the things we that all agree on as a Party, instead of focusing on divisive issues. Listening needs to take place at every level of Politics and of Government; from Local Elections to National Politics we all need to consciously listen to each other in order to ultimately unify and better ourselves as a Party.

Learn. As a Party, we need to learn from each other. It is no secret that we are all different, want different things, and hold different values- how we accept these differences through learning from each other is what will make us a stronger Party. As a citizen, this could mean attending a group meeting you aren’t already a member of, or attending a leadership seminar that will expand your horizons. Each day, challenge yourself not to dismiss an opposing view, but instead learn how a difference in opinion may strengthen your own fundamental beliefs. One of my goals in 2016 is to teach someone something new everyday; I want to teach you to exit your comfort zone and enact positive change in the world around you.

Lead. Finally, as a Party, we need to lead. I seek to empower people to be leaders; I hope to give you the tools to make you the best self you can be. We are a party of the grassroots, by the grassroots and for the grassroots. This means that you are the person can enact change not only in this Party, but also in this entire Country. My vision for 2016 is to give you the tools you need to be a leader. I want you to be a leader in your neighborhood, a leader in your communities, and leader in your state. Together, as leaders, we will strengthen the foundations of the Republican Party, and ultimately take back the White House in 2016. 

-Toni Anne Dashiell